Zero Food Waste at home

How might we help consumers to adopt a zero food waste behavior?

1. Consumers challenges

40-50% of waste is done in households (in value), linked to poor planning, poor preparation, poor storage, and overall low value of food ( nutrition + €€)

Zero Food Waste at home - 1. Consumers challenges
Zero Food Waste at home - 2. Societal challenges

2. Societal challenges

Food resilience, how to feed a growing population when we won’t have enough fertile soils for all? It is essential to manage better our food supply.

3. Business opportunities

Change behavior through awareness and help for the households

  • Educate on wasting less & reasserting the value of waste
  • Develop services to simplify consumers’ food management
Zero Food Waste at home - 3. Business opportunities


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Delhaize, Store Manager


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Food4All, Customer Happiness Executive

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Electrolux, Category Marketing Manager for Europe

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SideChef, Director of Strategy 

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