Shorter Circuits transparency

How might we boost the adoption and development of shorter circuits, local,
and regenerative products by the mass market ?

1. Consumers challenges

A growing conscious population is facing a dilemma to find food align with their values and needs:

  • Want fair wages for the farmers and environmentally friendly products but cheap products
  • Want products which travel less than them but they are used to a diversity of products which aren’t available in Belgium
Shorter Circuits transparency - 1. Consumers challenges
Shorter Circuits transparency - 2. Societal challenges

2. Societal challenges

Optimizing the chain may be less harmful for the planet and to save cost, to redistribute the revenue better, in particular to free up money to invest in regenerative agriculture.

  •  decarbonization by regenerative agriculture and less transport
  • reinstore biodiversity via regenerative agriculture
  • fair redistribution of revenue along the chain
  • better information along the chain (transparency)

3. Business opportunities

Differentiate by transparency

  • Reducing intermediaries facilitate the food chain transparency, to benefit from it, the consumer shall be able to understand easily.
  • Demystify the real cost of shorter circuit and their environnemental impact. Provide accurate information to consumers.

Reduce carbon footprint, cost and inequalities

  • Decrease intermediaries and define new roles across the value chain and new partnerships.
  • Optimize logistics from field to plate, in particular the first and last mile and very labor intensive manual task to lower the costs and environmental footprint.

Invest in the transition
On the LT regenerative agriculture can be more productive that traditional one and it enhances the sustainability of the entire cropping system, reducing risk of supply.

  • Develop investment vehicles for different actors to finance the transition and benefit from the outcomes.
  • Increase productivity and up-skill the farmers and make regenerative field plans
Shorter Circuits transparency - 3. Business opportunities


Ahcene Akchiche

BivWak BNP, Innovation, Project Management & Business Development

Toufik Boudiaf

BivWak BNP, Sustainable Innovation Manager / OYW Ambassador

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Zentis, Strategic Purchaser Fruitscout

Salah Jebabli 

Nutfully, Trader & Agent / Nuts & Dried Fruits

Alice Kratky

Zentis, Head of Global Innovation Management


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Visible Digital, VP of User Success

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Visible Digital, Co-creating value with our customers & partners and supporting countries in selling our IOT/IIOT breakthrough solutions

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Manufast, Partenaire chez Sociaago

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Delhaize, Filière manager Fruit & Vegetable 

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