Program delivers concrete solutions in 1 year through co-creation with 23 companies starts on January 12th, 2021


of tested European soils contained pesticides which affect habitats and contribute to biodiversity loss.


of greenhouse gas emissions are done by agriculture, forestry and land use.


is the number of extra people than we need to feed by 2050.

At, we are convinced that more than ever, we need resilient & regenerative food solutions that can go toe-to-toe with our faster ever changing world and consumers.

We truly believe that food challenges need to be tackled through collaboration & collective intelligence. A dedicated ecosystem can create a common vision about food and its future.

Feed us, better, safer, longer.

Resilient food solutions
with business, environmental and societal impacts.

Proven co-creation
methodology based on
collective intelligence
and innovation expertise.

Aim at developing
and accelerating
concrete use-cases.

At, we want to provide answers to Belgium’s & European food and beverages challenges by developing concrete use-cases & quicker innovation. Such a complex challenge needs to be tackled through collaboration & collective intelligence along the value chain.

So, let’s challenge food together!

Our result-oriented program leads to resilient food solutions with business, environmental and societal impacts.

The program leads to 6 novel ideas of which 3 are chosen for prototyping, with extensive market validation. At the end of the program, the ecosystem launches start-ups, joint ventures or IP on the market. The 1-year program follows Nova Reperta Innovation’s proven methodology inspired by
open innovation, co-creation and agile



From founders
to members & challenges



From a challenge
to solutions



From solutions
to prototype

Phase 1


From Founders to members & challenges meticulously searches for the perfect start-ups, scale ups and corporates to join the program.


  • Found 23 different members that can provide value to
  • 6 complementary teams working on a challenge

Phase 2


From a challenge to solutions

During +/-12 facilitated ideation workshops over a period of 4 months, 23 multi-company teams will generate ideas and validate them on different levels.


  • Detailed value proposition & business model
  • Feasibility checked: market, business and technical assumptions tested
  • Validations with consumers
  • Return for stakeholders thoroughly estimated
  • Reviewed by a panel of industry and academic experts
  • Thorough view on how to leverage ecosystem assets to realize the use-case
  • Positive impact on health/ environnement
  • Marketable value estimated & ready for prototyping development

Phase 3


From solutions to prototype

3 cross-company groups will further develop their business case into a prototype during 5 to 7 months of development cycles following scrum sprints and demo. A skilled scrum coach guides the group throughout the process.


  • Validated hypotheses about the market, business and technical aspects
  • Minimal viable product or service that passed through multiple development iterations
  • Built using the Agile approach
  • Prototype teams are prepared for an investor pitch
  • IP scenario where each participating company of a team is respected

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