contributes to the necessary world ecological transformation and to fair relationships in business. We are proposing mobile and web platform solutions in order to optimize the supply chain and improve product integrity. We are connecting vertical already existing silos of data to raise actionable alerts in context (e.g. invalid T° while truck is delivering products) leading to better real time decisions. Deep diving on aggregated data permits new sources of continuous improvements. Information is transparent and shared across the actors. Consequently, it generates fast ROI, CO2 reduction, less wastes and better traceability & visibility to the end customer.

Why they joined the ecosystem

We have been actively participating to the ECLER program sponsored by the French Ecological Transformation Ministry and the local agency for energy (ADEME). The objectives are to reduce the gasoil consumption while delivering food products under controlled temperature. Moreover, we recently developed a new offer called “Infinite” to optimize truck fleets in terms of km, gasoil, geolocation/geofencing, real time & in context tracking while “green zones” in cities are constantly progressing. Because of these 2 experiences plus our willingness to share information and show transparency to the final customer, we think we can positively collaborate & impact the program.