At TURBEL, our mission is to identify and personalize things and people. We are a small company that provides our customers with global label printing solutions. Our labels production is located in Brussels. We deliver our customers with labels together with the ribbons, printers and scanners. And last but not least, at TURBEL, we are continuously improving to make our labels as green as possible : using material with lower CO2 footprint, recycling waste and using clean energy.

Why they joined the ecosystem

Labelling generates about more than 13.000 tons of waste every year in the Benelux. At TURBEL we feel very much concerned about climate change and about our impact on it. We are continuously looking after solutions to make labelling – which is essential – greener. We believe that by combining the know-how and the expertise of regional operators, corporates, SMEs and startups, we can tackle part of the food packaging challenge through collaborative innovation. We see the CoFood ecosystem as a perfect opportunity to share our expertise with interesting players, to better learn the needs of customers and to co-create solutions with them.