Impact is a family-owned industrial French holding which operates 3 main trades through its companies:
Nutripack: Manufacture and sale of food containers (since 1969)
Ecocup, GreenCup, Cup to Drink, Green Goblet: Manufacture, sale and rental of customizable, reusable and recyclable cups (since 2007)
Ecomi: Manufacture of moulds for plastic injection moulding (since 1995)
We hire more than 700 employees in 8 different countries and run 50,000 m² of production in Europe spread over 6 sites. We also own an internal polypropylene recycling line and a French certified production tool (BRC and Afnor).

Why they joined the ecosystem

Today, the need to rethink materials is a central issue. Aware of this, Impact is embarking on an ambitious strategic shift: going from a supplier of plastic food containers to a designer & developer of solutions (products or services) for food containers, committed to effectively reducing its carbon footprint, preserving resources and the environment. We consider that our mission is to act for food packaging solutions that are more respectful of the environment while meeting protection, health and safety requirements. Our group wants to be part of an exploratory, open & pragmatic approach, aware that there is no single solution.