Chalo is a Funky Feel Good Food clean label love brand with a mission to lower the threshold for better healthier food by inspiring her community with products and ingredients from other climates and cultures in a not smart-assy vegan way. It’s our purpose to work in a natural, fair and sustainable short circuit way with a focus on the authenticity and the story behind the products. We founded our brand in 2015 and have broad range of black tea based drinks, healthier sweet and savory snacking based on seeds, dried fruits and pulses and we launched a range of organic gamechangers during the first lock down that our sister company Beanworks Seeds and Grains directly import in origin locally as well from origin globally.

Why they joined the ecosystem

We want to build bridges between the developers in origin and the millennial consumer with a focus on origin, added value, honest rewarding of the growers and a short supply chain keeping up affordable pricing for high end products. We have been travelling the world to see what works in which market, what are the global trends and where are you able to create value with regards to short chain, long term partnerships, convenience, organic farming and the challenges that come with this certification, vegan and the transition to plant based.