BivwAk! is a transformation hub created by BNP Paribas Group to service business transformation of its subsidiaries. BivwAk! works at daily basis to find innovative solutions to meet #challenges of an increasingly uncertain world, and take particular care to integrate a strong dimension of #sustainability into every initiative.

Why they joined the ecosystem

Contributing to responsible and sustainable growth by financing the economy, advising its clients and supporting them for a transition towards practices that are increasingly respectful of people and the environment is at the heart of BNP Paribas’ mission. BNP Paribas deals with several clients who work in the agricultural and supply chain fields, which are facing considerable challenges that are prompting them to redefine their business models. Coalitions are very important to address these types of issues and the bank could be a major actor by leveraging on its assets to support these players during the so-called “transition period”.