Hungry For Talks

In a post lockdown context, many companies have adopted a hybrid “work from home/work from office” approach which generates confusion on who is at the office when. While employees have a craving need to reconnect with their colleagues and get to know the newbies, they have a hard time organizing informal meetings around, a coffee or lunch.


Food & beverage have always been social catalyzers. What is best to get to know someone outside a formal meeting than sharing a delicious meal or a coffee?

More and more, we love sharing a meal but not any meal. Eating healthy and sustainable is becoming a priority for employees and well-being a CSR focus for corporations.

With that in mind, we asked ourselves how to make it easy, healthy, and sustainable for employees to reconnect around food & beverage at work?


Convenience Food - 1. Consumers challenges
Convenience Food - 1. Consumers challenges

Approach developed during the ideation phase


Hungry for Talks unites a food supplier (ZENTIS) with a fresh sustainable food restaurant (FOOD MAKER), a startup providing self-service fridges (MEALTY) and a startup providing self-service frozen soup and smoothies.

By bringing this consortium together, Food for Talks capitalizes on the expertise and knowledge of each of those parties to test whether employees’ well-being at work increases when they are offered a solution to reconnect, effortlessly, around healthy and sustainable food.


Objectives tested during the PoC phase


1. Making effortless to schedule informal meetings at the office

Employees see in a fraction of a second who is at the office, available just when they are and interested to connect for an informal food & beverage moment between colleagues.

2. Making it affordable to offer healthy & sustainable food corner

Setting up a healthy and sustainable food corner is competitive to their current food offering to employees considering the required cost.

3. Validating employees’ gratefulness to reconnect effortlessly around food

Setting up a healthy and sustainable food corner is worth the investment considering the well-being generated.


Raoul Bierwirth

Global Innovation Manager at Zentis

Glenn Mathijssen

Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Alberts

Jennifer Nemry

Director M&A, Location Intelligence & New Business Opportunities at Delhaize


Laurent Pirson

Co-Founder & CEO of Mealty


Jules Thys

Digital strategist at Foodmaker

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