Healthier and Accessible Food For All

How might we convince households that cooking / buying / preserving fresh products
can be “easy” and affordable?

1. Consumers challenges

Eating healthy requires effort on an everyday basis; time and money constraints, hesitation and confusing information, need for special diets.

Healthier and Accessible Food For All - 1. Consumers challenges
Healthier and Accessible Food For All - 2. Societal challenges

2. Societal challenges

Nutrition plays key role in the rapid development of the immune system against viral infections. The recent pandemic have shown how important it is for our society to reinforce its immunity. Just like social healthcare is a basic need, eating healthy food shall be accessible and affordable for all, not a privilege. 

3. Business opportunities

Brands can differentiate from their competitors by providing healthier products and services to the mass market – eg:

  • Develop healthy product at an affordable price for all
  • Provide innovative services to educate consumers on healthier food choices and adopt better food habits
  • Make existing healthy options accessible to a larger amont of people through geographic expansion
Healthier and Accessible Food For All - 3. Business opportunities


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Delhaize, Strategy Manager


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Innit, European Business Development Director


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Bakker Belgium, Sales Manager


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Innit, VP of Engineering and Operations

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Zentis, Sales Manager

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Electrolux, European Category Manager

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