Health through Alternative plant based

How might we make more people adopt healthier food habits through plant based
to answer environmental & animal welfare concerns?

1. Consumers challenges

We all want animal welfare and diversify to less animal based food, but we have doubts about taste, (nutrition and environmental impact + price barrier) of moving to plant based.

Health through Alternative plant based - 1. Consumers challenges
Health through Alternative plant based - 2. Societal challenges

2. Societal challenges

A diet based on meat and diary requires a lot more field and water than a plant based diet. Indeed, you need to grow crops to feed the animal while you could feed people directly. To restore biodiversity while increasing supply to meet the needs of our growing population, we need to use less land and better. Adopting a plant based diet is necessary to reach that objective.

3. Business opportunities

Diversify the offer of plant based food products to answer the variety of consumers taste (not stay blocked in traditional plant based) as well as facilitating the cooking methods leveraging taste and texture to inspire indulgent plant based recipes.

Health through Alternative plant based - 3. Business opportunities


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