Convenience Food

How might we make convenience rhyme with positive impact
on my health and the planet especially when we are out of home?

1. Consumers challenges

While snacking has been very criticized due to negative consequences of excess snacking on the health, consumers desire fast and convenient solutions when they do not have or want to take time to prepare food. They need:

  • Healthy snacking alternatives
  • Fast and user friendly ways to get their snack
Convenience Food - 1. Consumers challenges
Convenience Food - 2. Societal challenges

2. Societal challenges

Although consumers are more and more aware of the impact of food on their health and the planet, the majority is not willing to sacrifice time and comfort. They keep looking for food solution “on-the-go” which are convenient to acquire and consume. It is key to reconcile snacking, convenience and healthy2 food.

3. Business opportunities

Play down snacking focus on special occasions by playing on 3 axis:

  • Develop tasty AND healthy snacking products (the current healthy product offer is boring, we need to keep an indulgence note in it)
  • Offer convenient e-commerce experiences
  • Cover rural areas (last miles are expensive)
Convenience Food - 3. Business opportunities


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